How to kick back & relax for the weekend

Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend and are up and at them this Monday. There are some Mondays that can be extremely dreadful, others that are bearable and then sometimes one such Monday rolls around that feels like it might just brighten up your week and help you get through just this work week a little better. I am not saying we have a lot of these Mondays, but I can say that if we all try our level best, kick back and relax over the weekend we can attempt to have much better work week than any of us expect. Most of my readers or anyone in fact who blogs about make up & lifestyle or reads such blogs know that taking care of the way you look only goes so far unless you also take good care of your physical and mental health. I am sure a lot of you are thinking, mental health? Did you know that one of the causes for fast aging is stress? Not to mention how it causes those ugly wrinkles on your forehead too, so for today here are some quick, fun ways to have a relaxing and fun weekend

I know some of you are thinking, how is cooking NOT stressful? Well, it isn’t when you are doing it for fun. I learned or rather I decided early on that the only way I was going to take the stress out of cooking, was to make it therapeutic. Don’t set yourself up to fail, start small,if you enjoy breakfast make yourself a nice yum breakfast, add some fun or soothing music to make your time in the kitchen more fun. Make sure to whip up something you like so you can enjoy eating it too!

Movie Time
You want to know why I enjoy movies? Because just like books, they help take us away from our current life and for those 2-3 hours transport us into a different world to stop us from dwelling on our everyday mental patterns. Watch whatever you want but if you want to kick back for 2-3 hours on the weekend (or longer) take a time out to the movies, or just pop some corn at home, put on your heater and sit down with movies you can enjoy yourself or with friends and family.

Take A Walk
I know its cold out, but you would be amazed at how much a simple walk and help you unwind after a hectic week. Find a nice scenic park with tons of greenery, even a pond if its possible and take a light stroll in the afternoon when the sun is out. Vitamin D from the sun is a well known cure for the weekend blues and for a rejuvenated mind and body.

SleepThough this one is pretty self explanatory but if you can try and get power naps over the weekend if you can. I try to get one in for about 20 mins every Sunday, it definitely catches you up if you are lacking sleeping during the week.

Night Out With Friends
Nothing like a night out with your friends right? That’s right nothing says weekend like a nice dine out with some of your gals

These might be some of the things you do every weekend but if you do them without any flaws it would be a good weekend. Remember, how you feel is up to you, how you think is up to you too – so don’t let other people kill your vibe and kick back, relax and take a long time out! For feedback visit my Facebook page and until next Monday have a great week!