The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Hey Ladies! Hope you’re having a wonderful Novemeber and are enjoying the cooler days and chilly evenings. Even though winters can be difficult in Lahore, as you all probably know by now, winter is my favourite time of year in Lahore. So while I enjoy staying Lahore bound during the winter, since I feel that we have some of the most temperate weather when it comes to the cold, versus places like Europe, Turkey or USA that go to freezing temps and well are just down right, stay in bed, don’t get out of the covers cold in December! Nonetheless I had been dreaming about some destinations that are on my travel bucket list so I thought I would share some of these with you. I might see them all, I might not but knowing that such majestic experiences exist in life is enough to feel good once in a while. So here goes nothing:

1. The Northern Lights

The most amazing natural phenomenon in the entire world, if you’ve seen pictures you know exactly what I mean, if you haven’t go Google it right now. This is one of my most sought after experiences, one I hope I am able to see and definitely on the top of my travel bucket list!

2. Experience the Grand Canyon

Have you seen 127 hours? Then you probably wonder why, but even if you have – let’s face it, the Grand Canyon is definitely another one of those natural phenomenon’s that are worth experiencing.

3. Walk the Great Wall of China

Now here’s one that is manmade and definitely one of those wonders that you just have to experience. Not only is the stone structure itself a work of art, but to imagine all the history laid out with this wall. It truly must be an experience to see what the great emperors of China were actually capable of.

4. Australia

From Sydney Harbor to the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Blue mountains and many other scenic views that Australia calls home this is one that is definitely not worth missing.

5. Disney World/Universal Studios

So even though this is more one of those that might be for the kids, it is worth experiencing for the adults too. Disney houses Mickey and Minnies house along with some awesome rides and Universal Studios is like a mini trip to some of the most famous movie sets ever.

6. “Backpack” through Europe

Not necessarily backpack, but definitely travel through Europe to experience the history, culture and beauty. Walk the streets of London, experience Scotlands lush scenery, the history in Spain, the romance of Paris, the Greek food and well the list goes on and on and on.

7. Italy

One word: Coloseum! Relive Roman history and experience this massive wonder. Also, some of the best food if you love yourself that good ol’ Italian food!

Man, if I kept going I could think of so many more but for now my top 7 will have to do. If you look for good deals, these are all worth experiencing. I feel that one of the greatest way to live and truly experience life is through travelling, seeing new things, meeting new people. The diversity and exuberance of the world is worth experiencing and part of being truly happy in life. This was just a little something different from what I usually d, so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Until next time, have a fantabulous day!