10 questions with Redah

Hi ladies!

It’s the first Monday of November and I am feeling fine! Loving the weather & the ease with which we are cruising into winter. I hope you guys are keeping warm and taking good care of your hair and skin considering this is definitely time of year where you need to have a proper routine going that will keep you sailing through the winter. As I sat down to pen my 10 questions with Redah blog I realized that a lot of what is happening is that people keep sending in the same questions as I have answered before and well, did you guys run out of things to ask me? I sure hope not! So I decided I would put together some of the most frequently asked questions and instead of us looking in different places for answers, hopefully putting it all here in one blog will:

How to get rid of dry and brittle hair that keeps falling out?

There are several reasons your hair gets dry and brittle, mostly through practices such as brushing your hair the wrong way, daily heat styling, the wrong shampoo or even the weather. The idea then is to make sure we eliminate either the very harmful practices from our daily routine, or make sure we are taking proper precaution despite falling into those habits as well. Such as:
– Double conditioning, just like you double moisture for your skin.
– Treat your hair once in a week with a hair mask. You can try making one at home with alo vera and sunflower seed oil
– Never skip out on heat protection products before heat styling

Why does hair go white after highlights or low lights? Why are my roots always white?

Contrary to popular belief coloring your hair does not prematurely make your hair grey however it makes more prominent grey roots because of the difference in natural hair colour. Ideally people get their roots re-touched every 3 weeks and as for roots being white, if you are experiencing premature grey hair it is highly likely that this trait can be traced back through your family genetically.

I don’t have any hormonal trouble but still have a lot of neck and facial hair?

Most commonly excess hair is the result of hormonal imbalance among other things, but if you are sure you do not have any hormonal imbalances I would still suggest you see a gynecologist because this can be the symptom of many other reproductive illnesses as well. Nonetheless if you have tried waxing, bleaching, threading and all those monthly remedies the ultimate thing to do is to get Laser hair removal, it takes time, patience and can cause mild discomfort as you go through it, but it will largely help your excess facial and neck hair problem. Another technique that is highly effective but time consuming and does cause discomfort is Electrolysis- which is the only way to permanently removing your hair.

Best at home hair coloring products?

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve through the at home hair color these can vary even though I suggest you always come see a professional for the hair dye! But here are some good ones:
1. Feria by L’Oreal
2. Vidal Sasoon Pro Series
3. L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Mousse Absolue

What is an at home remedy for Melisma?

Melisma is the skin discoloration that occurs due to hyperpigmentation and can be treated at home even though I recommend you always see a dermatologist for these kinds of concerns. Nonetheless among some remedies are lemons and turmeric or this quick Apple Cider solution:
– Mix together equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.
– Apply this solution on the melisma spots and allow it to air dry.
– Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin gently.
– Follow this remedy once daily.

Remedies for dark feet and arms due to sunlight.

One of the best things I often tell people to do for dark skin is to use lemon juice every day as a cleansing ritual. Natural lemon juice has bleaching compounds and is great for lightening dark skin along with helping prevent acne or even treat acne at times. You could also as a precautionary measure make sure you use sunblock on your hands and feet as well, which is generally a good practice to preserve your skin and avoid extensive damage.

Best make up products for oily skin.

Really it is as simple as checking to see if the product you are purchasing is oil free! But here are some good foundations for oily skin: Rimmel’s Stay Matte range, NARS Sheer Matte, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Bobbi Brown Natural finish and if you like Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser is pretty good too.

Whenever I apply foundation it starts to flake around my nose, what can I do to prevent this?

Flaking skin around your nose usually indicates your skin is dehydrated. The key is it moisterise you skin and make sure it retains it. Here a few tips to:
Use Elizabeth Ardens 8hr cream around the feccted area for instant restoration
Always use a primer before applying foundation like Mac Prep and Prime
Drink plemty of water.. really it is the cheapest beauty product
Better your skin care regime and use the correct products

What overnight skin care would you recommend

A night time skin care routine is very important as all you organs and body functions are resting it s the perfect time to focus on your skin before you sleep. After you cleanse and tone remember to use a night specific cream these are usually thicker compared to day creams and really help to infuse moisture into the skin. Before you sleep is the best time to treat your eyes- did you know the skin around your eye is thinner than elsewhere in your body and it gets thinner as you age so I highly suggest investing in a good eye cream enriched with Vitamin A. E and K which are the most important. Lastly use a separate cream to moisturize your neck like Guinots Neck Serum for the night time.

Recommend a body scrub and how often one should use it

We always tend to focus on our face and forget about treating and caring for our body and exfoliating is a vital part of any skin care ritual because it allows dead skin cells to be removed leaving the skin soft, supple and promotes even skin tone. I recommend Guinots Strawberry Scrub or the Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory both are good for all skin types and should not be used more than once a week.

Those were some of the most popular questions I could pick out from the Facebook page and remember if you had any other questions that aren’t featured, it’s because I have answered many other frequent queries through my old 10 questions with Redah blogs, all you have to do is find them in my archive! Here’s my urging you to throw the tough ones at me, ones I might never have heard before and if you ever have something you need me to blog about just drop me a line on my Facebook page.