Bad habits that make winters worse

Every time winter rolls around we all get stuck in this vicious cycle of just being plagued with bad skin and even worse make up troubles. We started to show signs of winter and even though it went to being mildly hot, Lahore seems to still be moving towards more pleasant weather and I can feel a bit of the dryness in the air. Right around now is when I moderately switch around my beauty routine to make sure my skin doesn’t ruin its way into winter. So for today I’m just going to jot down a few of those mistakes we all make right when we experience fall weather.

Holding back on that sunscreen

If you are an avid reader of my blog you must have noticed that I am always pushing the importance of sunscreen. There are several very important reasons for this, one why put your poor upper layer through that UV damage? And two, skin cancer? If you are someone who works, or has kids in school, or even is still in school or university – we are continuously collecting those sun rays. This one is for all the seasons because the sun is out in every weather, save maybe a rainy day. So keep your moisturiser close but keep your sunscreen closer, or try and use make up or foundation that has a good SPF.

Ignoring your stereo box

I know you’re thinking stereo box? Well you know, your chatter box, your mouth, and the lips that you speak with. It amazes me how many people can ignore one of their most prominent features, our lips. Whether you are a man or a woman, keep your lip balm or Chap Stick whichever you prefer at hand, all the time, especially in the winter.

Long showers and baths

There’s nothing like a hot shower during the cold Lahore winter, I mean man it feels good! But do you really know what it does to your poor skin? It kills the natural oils in your skin and this is what leads to conditions like eczema during the winter season. So either keep the water lukewarm or if you really like to do the hot shower bit, limit your time in there from 5 to 10 minutes tops. Always remember to lather on that moisturiser.

The wrong moisturiser

Using the same moisturiser through seasons is not at all a good idea. For summers most moisturisers are usually light weight and meant to control oil. For the winter it is better to use a natural oil based moisturiser perhaps, if you have oily skin just find something that works for you and you don’t necessarily need to moisturise 3 times a day. For dry skin, you want to try and moisturize as often as you clean.

Clean, clean, clean

Over washing during the winter is not a good idea. We often tend to keep washing our hands or if you are a clean freak you might even take multiple showers a day. Sometimes during the winter, it is ok to take a back seat from all the cleanliness. Keep it light and just stay fresh.

These are just some of the bad habits that really kill your skin during the winter. Hope you are able to figure out a better skin care routine for yourself based on these few solid tips. Always have a proper skin care routine going all year round and use skin friendly make up too. How many of these follies are you guilty of? Let me know over on my Facebook page! Until next Monday, have a good one!