Top Five Hair Trends for 2015

Its a new year and its time for a new you for a lot of you ladies out there and just like every year before is 2015 has some great fashion trends in store for us lucky women! I feel so excited being a lady I have so many things to choose from be it clothes, make up, jewellery, hair cuts even – there is just SO much variety that we are lucky to have. Last year saw a whole lot of Bobs and Long bobs all year round, it happened to be the biggest hit for 2014 and all anyone really wanted was that good looking bob! So while we still get a ton of requests at our salons for last years trends, here are the top 5 hair cuts for the year 2015.

1.Boho Waves

If you have long or medium length wavy hair (or even short hair) and if its naturally wavy, well you’re in luck! One of the biggest hair trends predicted for the year 2015 is that of the boho wave. Now here’s what is really great about this hair, even if you have straight hair, waves are the easiest thing to tackle. It is as simple as leaving your hair in a braid over night, gelling & crimping after a wash or using a thick curling iron for some beach boho waves!

2.Long Pony Tails

Well, this one isn’t really a cut as much as it is a hair style but its gotta do in this post. Pony tails are all the rage on the ramp this 2015, it can be high, it can be low, it can a double or a half braid half ponytail! Remember, even if you’re rocking a pony tail, your hairs got to be cut right for it to look fab!

3.Big Buns

We didn’t see a lot of buns last year, except maybe on weddings. In 2015 though you’re in luck, if you hate the hassle of doing or having your hair done daily, this ones for you – just tie it up or roll it up into a loose bun or a high bun and voila! You’re all set to go!

4.Big Blow Outs

Every year it seems like we go backwards in fashion, from hipster pants, to culots, to pallazos and long shirts this year we go back to the 60’s & 80’s when it was all about your big fat hair blow out! That’s right, if you’re going to get yourself a blow dry, go big!

5. Hair Accessories

Do you like your big hair accessories? Then this is definitely the year for you. Though I am in the middle when it comes to deciding whether I like or love hair accessories, a nice bow or a fancy clip never hurt anyone. 2015 is all about well accented hair, so if there’s a hair pin, a butterfly clip, a hair band or even a floral pony tail you have been dying to rock, now is your chance!

That is some of the hair you will see a lot of come spring of 2015, I can’t believe we are already talking about spring! As the new year starts, we are going to be moving stuff around at the RMF headquarters too so look our for our new contests, posts and fun things on my Facebook page, also a great place to leave your reviews and what you want to read more about on my blog! The next blog up will be 10 Questions with me so if you haven’t already, go drop your questions under the post & I will see you guys next Monday! Have a good one.