Your road to Flawless Foundation!

One of the major perks of being born female is the freedom it gives you to be who you are, dress as you want & really become anything & anyone you might feel like on a given day. One of the many things I have always loved fondly about being a lady is MAKE-UP! I know, I know you all have heard this SO many times before but when the world is your make up box, what can you do?

The most essential part of any look has to start and end at perfection. Lately I have been getting a lot of queries pointed towards the right kind of primer, base, foundation and face powder leading all the way to, How can you get foundation right at home? Today’s blog is all about getting your “foundation” right (Pun intended). When I am on the go and need a quick layer of cover on my face to keep me going all day here are some of the basic steps I follow:

– Always remember to moisturise, this I say hoping that as you approach make up you have already cleansed for the day. Now you can either moisturise using your basic face moisturiser (one you have picked based on your skin type) or do what I do, I use a tinted moisturiser.

– These are used to help keep your make-up & foundation flawless. If you can’t find a great primer, use BB cream as an alternative. Always remember to prime your skin though, these help fill any gaps, pores, scars or acne that might seem “bumpy” or porous through your foundation.

– Now here’s the rub, I’ve learnt that while at home & in a hurry for foundations also “beauty blenders” work best. If you don’t know about beauty blenders drop me a line & I’ll blog about them next time. But these are usually those tear shaped foundation sponges you might be noticing in the market. New on the shelves but one heck of a useful make up accessory. Use a beauty blender to apply your foundation & you’ll never go wrong!

– Concealer goes on after your moisturiser does & always remember, concealer needs to be blended in circular motions. It works best when using a concealer brush! This is only important though if you’re dealing with under eye bags and scarring of any sort (acne, lesions, eczema etc).

– This is something you can never get enough of, not only do you need face powder to set your look but always have it handy for an instant touch up. Powder can be tricky so make sure you pick one that matches your skin type. Some face powders I rely on come from Bobbi Brown, Artdeco, Revlon or Bare Minerals. For when you’re at home try applying powder with a blush brush.

– For highlighting you can use a highlighting cream or even a shimmery eye-shadow. One of my favourites for highlighting is NYX Born to Glow Liquit Illuminator. Though highlighting depends heavily on your face cut, cheek bones, jaw line, chin & nose are some of the essentials for proper highlighting!

– You have got to add a hint of colour to your cheeks, go for a rosey pink or coral peach. Pick any blush by MAC, Maybelline or Luscious & you’re good to go!

Remember, keep your face powder handy for instant touch-ups! This technique if followed to the T will give you at-least 6-8 hours of coverage, trust me I try it every day! At the end of the day though remember to use gentle make-up wipes or a gentle make-up remover to get all the gunk off your face. Cleansing your make-up at the end of the day is ESSENTIAL, leaving your make-up on and falling asleep can result in quicker aging!

Happy (Face) Painting