10 Questions with Redah!

Welcome back to my end of the month, 10 questions with Redah blog! If you are here for the first time and want to know how you can ask me a question, simply follow me on Facebook and look for my 10 questions query during the second or third week of every month. I then pick out 10 of the top questions to answer so here goes this weeks segment.

1. Should hair be combed when they are wet or dry?

Ans: Well in all honesty, try avoiding the comb or brush as much as you can but aside from when you’re getting a hair cut (for which we use special combs), so the truth is neither is good for you. The best way is to towel dry your hair, then let it air dry for a while and comb/brush when your hair is what I will call “damp”. Not heavily wet neither completely dry.

2. When can I start using anti-aging?

Ans: I get asked this a lot and my answer usually is: Start Early. Don’t wait till your over the hill to start using anti aging creams. With the overly polluted environment we live in these days starting early is key to ensure you have fresh, young, healthy looking skin for longer. I say start around 24-25, simply adding a night cream and under eye cream. Once you get into the routine and know which product suits you, jump in!

3. A quick fix for Dandruff?

Ans: I swear by this: Natural Aloe Vera! Nothing gets rid of dandruff, hydrates your hair, stops hair fall and encourages hair growth like natural aloe vera when applied daily or every other day to your hair!

5. Best base for acne scars?

Ans: There are a ton of foundations/base out there that are great for your skin but for acne scars and other coverage what you really need is a great concealer. Some of the best concealers I have used have come from Rimmel, Maybelline, Mac or Laura Mercier (depending on your budget). Another thing you can try is L’Oreal Miracle Blur, it works wonders!

6. A quick fix for Pimples?

Ans: Dab a bit of honey when you spot a pimple and watch it disappear over night!

7. Best Day & Night Creams?

Ans: This completely depends on your skin type and you might have to try a few before you finally decide on one. Oil of Olay, L’Oreal Regenerist, Clinique and Avon have a few you can give a shot.

8. Cheap Foundations for Daily Use?

Ans: Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid/Mousse Foundation & Face powder are something I swear by. For a picture perfect face you can also try Revlon’s Photoready.

9. Silky, Smooth Legs?

Ans: Two Words: Coconut oil!

10. Make up tips for working women?

Ans: This ones for you: http://www.redahmisbah.com/time-for-monday-blog-12/

Hope you enjoyed my blog for today & found some super helpful tips to cure your daily woes! If you want to leave me a question find me on Facebook and either inbox me or look for my 10 questions post. Its also a great way to leave feedback! Till next Monday, have a fantabulous week!