Unveiling the 2015 Oscar Red Carpet

Every year we watch an unimaginable amount of cinematic masterpieces that come from Hollywood and every new year we see these masterpieces and their celebrities unfurl on the red carpet to the many esteemed award functions that are held to honor their expertise. For as long as I can remember, we have watched leading lady after leading lady, own the red carpet with their beauty, charming style and immaculately chosen gowns. Though not all of them hit the nail on the mark, a few do swing by engulfing everything we are looking for in terms of a complete package on the red carpet, no short than watching a model walk the ramp at fashion week. Do what better way to start a week off than by discussing some of the best looks on the Oscar’s Red Carpet for the year 2015. Here are some of my favourite looks:

1.Anna Kendrick

I don’t know if its a personal bias or if this leading lady is actually just flawlessly beautiful but I have yet to see Anna Kendrick fail on screen or on the red carpet. Pairing a subtle smokey eye with a nude-ish terra cotta shade of lipstick, Anna could not have picked a better make up look to go with her peach Ellie Saab. Accented with gorgeous earrings and a side swept low bun, this is one of my favourite looks from the evening.

2.Emma Stone

With the perfect Red lip, a side swept bob and the perfect gown by none other than Ellie Saad, Emma Stone looked ravishing on the Oscar red carpet. The beauty of Emma Stone lies in her choice to always keep a fresh simple face and pair it with the perfect red lip. Also never to miss her impeccable red hair, no one makes quite the red head that Emma Stone does.

3.Meryl Streep in Lanvin

Part of a list of Hollywood celebs who never age, Meryl Streep is a timeless beauty that just does not seem to fade. Looking exceptionally gorgeous on the 2015 Oscar red carpet, I could not say enough about the beauty, charm and charisma that is this one woman. Beauty and brains all coming together in one lets look at her flawless look. With a side swept rolled up do and a clean, fresh face to top off her Lanvin outfit – nothing says beautiful as simply as Meryl Streep does.

4.Kiera Knightley in Valentino

Soon to be mom Keira Knightly glows on the red carpet with her beautifully chosen Valentino outfit, long culred tresses and a clear, fresh face topped with a light brown nude lip I think its safe to say Kiera Knightly was channeling mother nature this year on the red carpet.

5.Julianne Moore

And last but not least we have another woman who seems to not age – or is aging gracefully, none other than Julianne Moore. With a daring burgundy lip, magnified eye liner, side swept bun and yet another porcelaine finish, Julianne Moore ruled the red carpet in Chanel.

One trend that I have noticed for the past few years on the Oscar red carpet is that of a fresh, clean face paired with a daring lip or even a subtle lip but keeping it toned down. There is no concept of too much make up or too much made up on the red carpet anymore and though we have seen people like Lady Gaga really bring the weird in her outfits, 2015 saw even the queen of freak tone it down and bring it to the red carpet in charisma and style. Hope you guys enjoyed my Oscar round up, until next Monday – have a fabulous week.