Winter Products I Swear By

BrrrRrrr’s the word! November is ending and temperatures are dipping so here comes the dryness and dehydration due to lack of proper water intake. This factor not only effects your skin but also your health in general. So today, let’s talk about some of my favorite, go to winter products for hair, face, hands, feet and everything else in between.

1. Label M’s Honey & Oat Hair Mask

I could not talk about this product or try and convince you to try this any less. But if you’re looking for something to instantly revitalize your dull and dry hair, trust me when I say this is the answer to all your problems.

2. Vaseline

This is something I like having on me all the time, especially now that I have a little one. Not only is this great for chapped lips, but in case you find yourself without lotion, it works great as a moisturiser too (not for the face ofcourse). Also great for small booboo’s on your little ones.

3. Nivea Hand and Body Lotions

For when you’re relaxing at home and want to give your hands and feet some instant hydration, Nivea lotions are the best at locking in moisture and will even withstand washing sometimes.

4. Tinted Moisturizer

Even though winters are the best time to use foundation, what with no sweating and all but for when you’re in a hurry and on the go, tinted moisturser is great. Also you can do your own tinted moisturiser, just add some oil of olay to your foundation.

5. Revlon’s Kissable Lips Tinted Balms

These I have talked about to death, but for the winter if you’re not a chap stick kinda gal, this is literally chap stick and lip stick in one. Its tinted chapstick, if we can call it that. Also Revlon has some great lip butters, which are great during the winter too.

6. Body Shops Body Butters

These are the best things out there. Period. For all over body hydration, if you have one big jar of this you’re set for the winter. They last and last because you only need a little and they come in yummy scents!

Though there are a bunch of other products that come and go from my list every winter, these are some essentials that never grow old. Remember, caring for your hair and akin during the winter is a LOT more important & necessary. Nobody likes dry chapped skin or lips! Till next Monday, adios.