Top 5 Eye Products for the Hot Hot Summer!

Whats up ladies? How are you getting ready for the blithering hot summer? I am so not read for the sweating and the humidity! Nonetheless I have forever actively been looking for ways to find make up techniques or products that can put up with the crazy hot summers of our beloved Pakistan. When trying to pick looks and products for yourself during the summer, the choices get further limited because if you don’t like a caked up face during the summer, you definitely want to find products that are light and airy. Don’t look any further my dears, I have finally found some products (unfortunately only for the eyes) that can weather our achy breaky summer make up routines! (Best part is, these are easy to find.)

1. Water Proof Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Black waterproof Mascara or L’Oreal’s Double Extend Tubes

– Both of these are the BEST waterproof mascaras I’ve ever tried. They don’t make your lashes look like they are brushed over, they won’t be all sticky or get clumpy and you wont sweat it off!

– Even water won’t wash off these bad boys you have got to use a make-up remover!

– Cry your eyes out, it still won’t run!

– Work out, Swim, Go to a water park, or sweat all you want – your lashes will still look fabulous!

2. Smudge Proof Eyeliners

You have two choices for these, 1.) Milani Eye Pencil in True Black 2.) Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion

– Milani’s True Black is my every day go to pencil for the summer, close to no smudges and it definitely won’t run (only smudges if you rub your eyes too hard)

– Urban Decay on the other hand won’t run AT ALL this is another one for the make-up removers!

3. Waterproof Liquid Liner

L’Oreal’s Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner in Black or Brown

– Won’t flake, won’t come off in strips & it won’t run as you sweat! This is possibly the only liquid

liner that will save your life on a hot summer afternoon/eve when you REALLY need to go glam with the eyes!

4. Waterproof Eye Shadow

This is one that is SORT of easy, most of Maybelline’s gel eye shadows are pretty tough and won’t fade away no matter how much you sweat or how much grease your skin accumulates (especially if you pair them with a primer)

– One cheat of mine for waterproof eye shadow is to use NYX Eye Crayon’s! Give it a shot, they won’t disappoint!

5. Hashmi Kajal

If you’re a kajal kinda gal, try any of the Hashmi kajal’s for your upper & lower waterline, you’re gonna have to dab some face powder off & on under your lower waterline to make sure the grease on your skin doesn’t smudge the kajal but it fights sweat like nobody’s business!

The summer is upon us gals, in fact its almost here, I hope these products help keep your makeup set this summer. In the following weeks I’ll continue giving you useful tips for summer routines & summer makeup! Until next Monday, have a fabulous week!