How to keep warm Lahore style!

Brrrrrr! Its getting cold up in Lahore, to the point where for me it might as well snow tomorrow! We’ve been having some major winter drafts for the past two years and just as excruciating as the Lahore summer can get, well winters pretty much been playing the same game with us too! I know I keep going on about how much I love winters, don’t get me wrong I absolutely do. But well Lahore comes with its perks and we all know what they are (Heaters, anyone?). So one of my favourite things about the winter weather is the CLOTHES! I love layering up and mix matching tons of things together, along with pulling out my favourite coats, boots and everything else fabulous winter brings around but when it gets as cold as it is these days, more than fashion, one has to worry about staying warm and fabulous at the same time. On that note you might have guessed it, today I’ll talk about how to stay warm this winter while staying fashion fabulous.

1. Its a leather fashion year

Every few years it so happens that leather goes back into style like nobodies business, well 2014 is THAT year! Everywhere on the runways, in the magazines and even on premier carpets around the world, leather jackets, pants, boots, gloves – well you get the drift – are all the rage! So if you have an old favourite leather love you want to pull out, this is your year! Nothing says chic, like leather.

2. Scarves

Who doesn’t love scarves in the winter? They are gorgeous, warm and really just the perfect way to finish a look. Need I say more? Get yourself some pretty woolly scarves, beige, indigo, black whatever keeps it neutral for you and wrap it up in any knot you deem fit. Scarves never go out of style.

3. Pea Coats

Every fabulous lady has to own one gorgeous Pea coat – agreed? Girls if you invest in ONE thing this winter that trust me will go a long long way with you, invest in a knee length or calf length Pea Coat, whichever length floats your boat. It never hurts to spend money on one really good one, you can always find faux Pea Coats to fly with for other fashion needs any way.

4. Layer it up!

If there’s a summer top I really like and still want to keep wearing during the winter, I just layer it up. Obviously that might not be too feasible with your eastern wear, but if you’ve got t-shirts you love, just put a long sleeved shirt underneath and layer up! Or like a sleaveless top that is really chic, would pair well with a nice turtleneck!

5. Shawls

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about Pakistan, the fact that shawls never go out of style. They sometimes also save your life say on a casual grocery run, if you know what I mean. No matter how you’re dressed, or what the fashion, if you want to keep ultimately warm on a cold winter eve and not commit a fashion faux pas – rely on your grandmothers gorgeous embroidery shawl, or grab yourself a new age cape shawl and just run with that.

Those are just some of the great ways you can stay warm and fashionable this winter. I hope that when I’m giving you guys these tips, they help you further elaborate on your own style and give you ideas for your own. The country has been going through a lot lately, but I hope amidst all the chaos we can keep our hopes high, pray for each others safety and our countries, be vigilant, tolerant and just over all more human. Be safe, be good and have a warm, healthy week.