Summer Fruits: What will help your skin?


When taking care of our skin, one major thing we seem to loosely  forget is the fact that, even our skin is what we eat. Thats right girls, everything you consume and that gets dispersed into your bloodstream is highly responsible for how your skin looks and feels. The summer especially can be really harsh on not just the body, but on the skin as well. I always encourage  the use of a good sunblobk with a minimum of SPF 15 and generally a good beauty regime through the summer but I get a lot of queries regarding how to eat better and enjoy better skin through a healthy lifestyle. Every expert you speak to is this case or for that matter any health related query will encourage  a balanced intake of fruits and vegetables in order to rectify any health problems you might be having. Here are some summer fruits that will keep your skin feeling fresh and looking great!


– Blackberries

Blackberries have a high level of Vitamin E, C and Folate. What is Folate you ask? Folate helps protect your red blood cells and keep them healthy. When red blood cells are healthy, your body is provided with a great amount of oxygen, oxygen helps your skin glow by keeping it nourished. (These are great for your memory too!)



– Avocado

Did you know that Avocado’s are a fruit? Betcha didn’t! But yes, Avocad is a wonderful fruit to add to your summer diet! High in Vitamin E, it provides cell and tissue protection. It is great for keeping your skin healthy and fresh! They also work great in home-made face masks or use them to keep your hair conditioned after you’ve shampooed your hair!


– Tomatoes

Remember when you found out Tomatoes were a fruit? Yep, a fabulous summer fruit! Tomatoes contain lycopene, pectin and Vitamin C. Lycopene helps prevent sun damage and pectin increases blood circulation, which would definitely make your skin look pinker and fresher! A healthy blood circulation keeps your skin nourished.


– Papaya

High in Pectin, Vitamin E and C, well I won’t bore you again with the details on what these chemicals do for you! But I can tell you, Papaya is not only great for your skin; add it to your diet if you’re trying to lose weight, this one’s a winner!


– Watermelon

Watermelon along with its natural high water content carries many other nutrients! One of my favorite fruits for the summer, these can be found throughout the year (cold storage!) but the summer is when it is best to consume as much watermelon as you can! This will not only help your skin, watermelon is great for weight loss! Watermelon also has two very essential vitamins that we need in abundance, Vitamin A and C. During the summer, dehydration is a common problem, watermelons are great to keep your body and your skin hydrated. The more hydrated your body, the better your skin & complexion will look!


– Apricots

A complete summer fruit, this one is rich in Beta Carotene and C. Apricots also provide acne-fighting enzymes that help cure and prevent summer acne, especially for teenagers. Apricots provide antioxidants that protect the body’s cells and help skin repair/heal faster.


– Apples

Here’s a common favorite, Apples have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and are a great summer fruit. You know what they say, “An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away!”


– Grapes

One of my other favorite things during the summer are yummy, sweet grapes! Grapes have antioxidants that help revive your skin and are great for detox. Did you know they are great for losing weight too?



Remember when you were a kid and your mom pestered you to eat your fruits and vegetables? Well, she wasn’t wrong at all. The better you eat, the longer your body, mind and skin remain young & fresh! We need to take care of ourselves all year round, but an extra effort during the Summer can go a long long way. Fruits are a great way to keep cool during the scorching heat too, so load up on fruits and veggies this summer for fresh healthy looking skin. Oh and don’t forget to drink your water, hydrate hydrate hydrate. That’s all for today’s blog, until next Monday – Have a good one!