Mother’s Day Wish List

Hola Chica’s! How’s it hanging!? Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and all the ladies out there who are Mom’s got treated well and the one’s who aren’t well then I hope you treated your Mom’s to some wonderful pampering this weekend! You can be however old you want, I will tell you now there really is no replacement for a Mother. My Mom is my best friend, my biggest supporter, my confidante & my rock – I don’t know what I would do without her. And I am really happy to say that NOW I can appreciate her more, considering that I am a Mother myself.

I will admit that before I had Zoay I might’ve been someone who didn’t realize everything that goes into being a Mom. Not a great Mom, but just a Mom. I will also admit that I have very little respect for anyone who does not respect their Mother, I don’t care what she did or did not do for you, if she had you, fed you, bathed you and raised you – the woman deserves all the respect in the world she can get (and even that might not be enough). So I’m gonna step away from the norm of beauty, fashion and make up and for today we are going to talk about “Mom”. I know the day is gone and I can only hope that you chose to make her day special and at least for this day treated her nice, but what I want to say is, why just pick one day? And though I am a new Mom, I have made a wish list for any daughter or son who roams this earth, this is a wish list of everything your Mother wants from you. I am no expert but these are the things I have heard my Mom ask me for repeatedly over the years and these are the things I hope Zoay will give me as we grow.

1. Respect
In any relationship, respect is key. Then why not respect your mother? Consider it from the day you were born to date, this lady has done nothing but worry about you. Its true that when you have children, you literally stop sleeping, because whether in the same room as you or anywhere else, you worry non stop. So respect your Mother, be kind to her, make sure you don’t raise your voice at her. Nothing breaks a Mother’s heart the way disrespect does.

2. Love
Unconditional, unrequited, free and in abundance type of love. Do you ever remember your Mom not loving you? Even when you were being SO bad you might not have loved yourself? I’m sure most heads are shaking in the negative. Then Love her, love her especially as she grows old and aged. You know what they say, when parents grow older they turn into our children, so always remember how much she did for you when you were incapable and continue to do for her as she grows.

3. Honesty
We all lie to our moms, that too repeatedly. Why we were out so late? Why our grades are falling? How we aren’t in love with some guy. All lies. One thing I learnt growing up and though I might’ve learnt it really late was to NOT lie to my Mother because somehow or the other, even if I did lie to her, she managed to find out. Build a relationship with your Mom based on truth and see where life takes you from there.

4. Help!
Whether your unmarried or married, help your mother out. For years she slaved away at home, in the kitchen and with you to keep you happy, safe and warm. She’s taken care of your dad, cooked three meals, ironed your clothes, got you up & ready for bed and more. So once you are old and capable enough, help your mom out. I know chores and cooking can be boring, but just spend one day looking at how much your mom does and if that doesn’t get you off your behind and up to helping her, well then my words are falling on deaf ears.

5. Care and Kindness
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will really hurt me.”
This my dears, is completely true. You might hit your mom and bruise her, that bruise might go away and she might forget. But if ever in a time of dismay you tell your mom something like, you hate her or she’s horrible. Those words will stay with her forever. Ever seen in the movies where a kid is bad to their mom and the next thing you know she’s gone? Live in that fear constantly, don’t ever forget it. Life is really short, do you really want the last thing you say to anyone be a mean thing? So especially be kind to your Mom, tell her repeatedly that you love her and then truly love her.

Mother’s are truly a gift from God, our children are too but very rarely will you see a Mother treat their child badly, whereas on occasion you will see kids misbehaving with their parents, especially their Mother. Though coming post Mother’s Day, I couldn’t help but write this post, I saw so many people only appreciate their Mom’s on Mother’s day and forget about them for the rest of the year. Don’t do that, don’t pick one day to treat the most important person in your life well, treat her right every day. Take care of her. Be good to her. After all, heaven lies at your Mother’s feet. This one is for my Mother, who has gone to every length to make sure my life was comfortable and happy. I love you Mom! You’re the best!