Brand Spotlight: Maybelline

Have you shopped for make up lately? Or shall I ask have you ever shopped for enough make up at all? As a woman who loves to look good I know there is nothing more important in a fashionistas life than to pick the right colors, the right clothes, the right hair and of course the right make up! Since the rise of designer make up brands, we are conscious to the fact that designer label in everything is the way to go, whereas in reality maintaining your make up inventory solely based on designer label make up would be a tough nut to crack! I mean, imagine how much money you’d have to put away to just load up on everything MAC, even if you’ve got frivolous make up money to spend, buying a few drug store/contemporary brands is never a bad way to go. In fact for daily use, I myself prefer to stick to some of the basics.
Now we all know there are certain brands that rule the drug/department store make up aisle as well and there are really numerous names to choose from now. Nonetheless a few of these remain at the top ranking in random make up products that come out every now and then. In other words what I’m trying to say is that though not everything that such market brands are offering would be worth buying, there are definitely some rare gems you can find in your department store aisle. My blog today will focus on Maybelline as an affordable alternate for designer products. I’ll be telling you about 5 make up products by Maybelline that are worth the buy!

1. Maybelline Baby Lips
This is one of my favorite Maybelline products, from the packaging to the product itself I love it all! They are such a fun purse accessory and great in any situation. There are two types of Maybelline baby lips lip balms, the clear ones and the ones with a tint of color. I love both! Although I would say that the clear lip balms have a more hydrating and therapeutic quality, the tinted baby lips when paired with a matte lip stick or lip stain are just amazing! Great for a quick touch up or just to add a nice gloss to your lip, these are a must buy! (I can’t say this enough.)

2. Color Sensational Lip Color
I’ve always been a fan of Maybelline lipsticks, even as a teenager some of their lip stick lines were my favorite. Here’s another one I enjoy for a day to day use lipstick, now because the shades change every year based on tones that are popular, you can’t always find the shade you fell in love with. But I guarantee you this is lipstick that will last. I’ve spent 5 hours without re-application with or without lipgloss its all the same. If you do decide to buy, try to stay in the nude, brown and coral shades for this lip color, they are absolutely gorgeous.

3. Dream Fresh BB Cream
I feel like BB creams are one of the funnest and most useful inventions in the make up industry to date. It like someone decided there just had to be one quick easy fix for your everyday coverage misery and voila, there was BB creams. Now these babies pack everything in them, from the ability to correct your skintone, cover pores/scars and also protect from UV rays with an SPF base, BB creams do it all. The Dream Fresh BB cream is exactly that! Maybelline does some of the best complete coverage products that have an almost porcelain effect, this is also one of them.

4. Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara
One of the oldest, most popular mascara’s in the industry, this one is STILL one of the best lash enhancers out there. It might not be a dramatic evening look but it is amazing for everyday eyes. In fact this is a new twist to your age old favorite, this one gives the effect of a thicker, fuller lash. Doesn’t go on clumpy and won’t leave your lashes feeling heavy and sticky, if you’re a working woman who doesn’t like a lot of gunk, this one is for you!

5. Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment
What would make up be without a good concealer? The age rewind is one of the best out there, especially for under eye dark circles. It instantly controls puffiness and conceals those heavy under eye bags to give you a younger, fresher look. Here’s the catch, this one is not only a concealer but also a repair treatment for under eye dark circles. So a great two in one buy yet again!

Maybelline hands down is definitely one of my favorite department store makeup brands. I always look forward to what new twists their lines are going to offer and I don’t mind their nail colors one bit either. If you’re looking to buy easy, affordable make up you can always rely on Maybelline, its the least damaging to your skin as well. The one reason we avoid buying cheaper brands is that sometimes they affect your skin in a negative way, nonetheless with these few products thats one thing you don’t have to worry about! I’ve be doing a brand spotlight now and again for my favorite drug store products so watch out! And always remember, if you go try a product I recommend, don’t forget to leave me feedback! Till next Monday, have a fantastic week!