On Being Grateful

Every day is a new day, every day that you wake up you should be grateful, every day that God lets you take another breath you should be humbled because you are here today to live this beautiful life. Every day, you should be grateful. As we go through life and life hands us lemon after lemon, there is only one thing we consistently forget to do, we forget to be thankful. When things aren’t quite going our way we tend to completely forget about all the times when things in fact were going only in our favor. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we simply forget. A few years ago, I made a very simple but conscious decision that no matter what life brought me, or how things were I would always find something in my life to be grateful for. Therefore, every day I am grateful. Here are some of the simple things that I am truly grateful for in life. Remember, amidst all the *big* stuff in life, its the little things that are truly worth being grateful for.

The little perfections in my life:

1. My Family – My Mom, My Hubby & My little baby Zoay (oh & lets not forget Kapu, my beautiful little shihtzu)!

2. My extended family (Big shout out to my partner in everything Hafsa!)

3. A long, meaningful conversation

4. The reassuring touch of a loved one

5. Game of Thrones *Yes I’m Insane!*

6. Watching the rain from my window

7. Windy Sunny Days

8. A naughty glance when no one else knows it except you

9. A simple “I love u”

10. Picture Perfect Weather

11. The company of loving friends

12. Laughing my heart out at something silly

13. Sleeping late on a weekend (a luxury not so common anymore.)

14. A perfect cup of coffee on a perfectly cold day

15. Knowing someone loves you, and that you love them back .\

16. A good meaningful movie

17. My Favorite Song

18. Cheesecake!!!

19. A Loving Smile

20. Long drives with friends filled with music & conversations about anything and everything!

21. New beginnings (Say Hello to Depilex College & Masarrat Misbah Cosmetics)

And last but not least I am grateful to be alive, well and healthy today. I am grateful to have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and work on my mind. I am grateful to have an opportunity at this beautiful thing we call life. So whenever you’re feeling down and nothing seems to be coming around, sit down with a pen and paper to list all the things that are good in your life – and then be grateful.