Here Comes The Summer

Happy post Summer Solstice day! Yep, yesterday was officially the longest & supposedly the hottest day of the year, but hang in there ladies a few more months till we are right back at winter! Though I’m not a summer person at all, I do have to say that some days I enjoy the sun. Essentially because remember, getting a good healthy dose of sunlight is good for your physical and mental health. Vitamin D is essential to keep you going and one of the most natural sources of Vitamin D is none other than the Sun itself. Nonetheless I cannot encourage you enough to use a good sun screen when you step out of the house or office these days – though its good for your health the Sun could be immensely damaging to your skin. One of the most fun posts for me, is the “Whats in your bag post” and I wish that you guys would share your two cents with me as well on what you carry along make up wise wherever you go, so today I’m gonna tell you a little bit about some updated products that I have recently added to my go-to purse make up baggy!

1. L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream

I have talked a lot about BB Creams and Tinted Moisturiser’s recently only because I feel for the kind of weather we have in Pakistan and for ladies like me who love their make up these two products were highly essential. It is not even almost but utterly impossible to walk out of the house in this heat with foundation on, I don’t know about you but I can’t even think about it! Therefore I love love LOVE BB creams & or Tinted Moisturisers and here’s one I have recently discovered and enjoyed. L’Oreal once again packs some great things into this one tube, its a BB Cream, an SPF, a moisturiser AND helps with aging skin. (I have a lot of ladies write to me and ask when is a good time time to start using anti-aging creams, my usual response is not necessarily anti-aging but take care of your skin, the earlier you start, the later you age.)

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder

This is one product I never leave the home without, whether you suffer from oily skin or not in the summer this is essential! For a touch up or even when your starting if you finish with this powder I guarantee you won’t see an inch of shiny skin on your face. No oil – No sweat, when either creep up on your day look just pat them down with this Rimmel powder & voila, back to looking squeaky clean!

3. Revlon Color Stay Tinted Lip Balm

Here’s a lip color that will last through ALL the lemonade, water, lassi (or whatever your summer drink of choice might be) and even food! I am absolutely loving this line of lip shades from Revlon, they are great because they let your lips breathe, work as a hydrating lip balm and well they have some GREAT colors too! The one you see in my Photo is my personal favorite for the summer of 2014 – this shade is called “Striking Spectaculaire” – its a great mix of coral and red which works both during the day & at night time.

4. Covergirl Lash Blash Waterproof/Hydrofuge Mascara

Anyone who is in Pakistan knows that the Pakistani summer calls for make up that can out last all your sweat, humidity and well whatever else this horrid summer might throw at you! For me walking out of the house without mascara is a sin and finally I have found a mascara that will even out last most eye make up removers (which is terrible in some ways but I found a cure!). Try the Cover Girl Lash Blast waterproof mascara for some great voluminous eye lashes that last through your day. Just remember you’re gonna need a ton of baby oil to get this bad boy off!

5. Hard Candy Lip Def Lip Gloss

In case you are out all day and then have to end your day with a night out on the town or dinner with the hubs, fam or friends this lil lip gloss might just save your look! To glam up any day look just by a dash of lip gloss to your lips, this is a fabulous product to reach for in your bag! Goes along especially well with my Revlop Lip Balm and it has tiny pieces of glitter that give your lips a beautiful porcelain-ish sheen & well a ton glitz & glam.

Those are some of my go – to products for June of 2014, I like to switch up make up products every month so if you liked this post holler at me to keep posting a “Whats in my bag” every month! I would also like to remind you that every woman, skin, lips, eyes, lashes & hair are different, one product that might suit me, would be a total miss for you so do check to see if these products are compatible with your skin type before you decide to splurge on them. You’re good to go with mascaras, lip glosses and lip stains but you have to be very careful while choosing a BB cream or Face powder. Hope you enjoyed todays blog & if you’d like to see a blog about a particular topic just drop me a line on my Facebook page! Untill next Monday, have a fantastic week & remember to stay hydrated.