Ten Unconventional Beauty Tricks!

Happy last Ashra beauties! I’m getting more and more excited as Eid gets close because it definitely is one of my favourite times of year. Just the sheer idea of Eid is so heart warming, it is a treat to see families and friends come together after the holy month to celebrate. One of my favourite things about Eid, of course I am a woman after all, is the clothes, the make up, the jewellery, the getting ready for this special occasion. After all a gal can never have enough excuses to play dress up, what say ladies? One thing I do want to encourage you wonderful ladies for one thing, don’t dress up for the world, dress up only for yourself! Wear what makes you feel good, if you like red lip stick – slap it on whether someone likes it or not, if chunky earrings are your thing, rock them! Be yourself this Eid and bring out your inner diva to let her shine. Next week I will be doing a neutral Eid look based on the colours that are popular this Eid!

Nonetheless before we move on to the nitty gritties of how to look good, today I have a super fun blog for you! Or at least I think so because it has been super fun to write! If you follow me on Facebook you know that I put up all kinds of crazy and creative make up tricks to make your life easier! Well today I decided, why not put together a list of all those fun things you can do to make your make up/beauty routine easier! Some of these might be a little eccentric but I have tried to make them as relevant to things you have easy access to, because I know how important that can be considering there are some things we might not be able to find in the market. So get ready to take a funky ride with me on this blog for some fun tricks that might help a few make up/beauty dilemmas.

1. Turn a Pencil Eyeliner into Gel eyeliner

I’m not a big fan of pencil liners, I feel they really restrict how you can shape your eye liner and you have much less control on how these glide on. I personally prefer a gel liner to a pencil liner any day, I’m not a huge fan of liquid pens either, I’d rather apply my eye liner with a brush. So here’s a quick trick on how you can turn any of your pencil eye liners, no matter what colour, into a gel eye liner. Simply hold the tip under a flame for 30 seconds (use a lighter or a match), let cool for 15 seconds then apply using your favourite eye liner brush! Voila, gel eye liner at your finger tips.

2. Heat your eye lash curler with a Hair Dryer

If you’re a big fan of eye lash curlers like I am, this is my favourite most fun trick in the book! I warm my eye lash curler with my hair dryer before curling my lashes so it works quicker and mightier! This way your eye lashes will curl quicker and the curls will last longer!

3. White Eye Liner/Crayon

Now here’s another one of my most favourite beauty hacks and I rave about this all the time! I usually get my hands on some NYX White Eye Crayons and keep them everywhere. Considering we all know how deceiving eye shadows can be and how some eye shadows never really last that long, this tip is in fact a 2-in-1. Applying a white eye liner or crayon to your eye lids before doing your make up will act as a primer and here’s the best part, your eye shadow will really POP with colour through this trick. Having a white base means the eye shadow you are applying will go on in its original shade.

4. Make Lipstick last longer

Many beauty artists have different tricks to make lip stick last longer, mine is a conventional one but it works! All you have to do is apply two coats of lipstick, put a tissue over your lips and brush on translucent face powder or highlighting powder! Though it may seem like a task, you will quickly fall in love with this trick. The translucent powder helps the lip stick stick, take away oils and keep it lasting longer. The tissue makes sure your translucent powder doesn’t jade your shade of lip stick.

5. Loose Pigments + Vaseline/Salve = Tinted Lip Balm

This ones pretty self explanatory and for me a real fun one! I can turn any loose pigment into a lip shade just by adding some petroleum jelly or a clear lip salve to it. Never be restricted to what lip colour you want with this one! (Even green is do-able, if that’s your gig.)

6. Mayonnaise is a great deep conditioner. Enough said.

7. Nail Polish Bubbles Be Gone

With the heat in Pakistan, its almost impossible for nail polish to go on smooth and not get all bubbly. All you need to do is put your nail colour in the fridge 15 minutes before you need to apply. Cooling the temperature down will help your nail polish go on smoother and dry flawlessly.

8. Nail Polish Quick Dry

Following #7 is another popular trick, if you’re at home applying nail colour and in a hurry all you need to do after you’ve applied as many coats as you want is: Dip your tips in ice cold water for 3 minutes. It might freeze your tips a little but this works like a charm for me every time!

9. Spoon Mascara

I hate it when I’ve worked really hard on my eye make up and come time to apply mascara, one little wrong move and there it goes smudged all over my under brow! Here’s a simple way to avoid this mishap. Before your apply mascara hold a spoon (curved side out) behind your lashes. This way the excess mascara goes on your spoon, instead of your lid.

10. How to avoid new shoe blisters!

Last but not least, I think this is one you guys might really appreciate. Considering we all are going to breaking into some new sandals, heels or khussas over Eid, this one is guaranteed to help a sister out! New shoes often leave blisters or corns, if you know which areas on your feet are troublesome just apply some Vaseline to those areas before you put on your shoes. Another thing you can do is apply olive oil to the areas of your shoe that are causing these blisters, this will help soften the shoe and avoid the material from cutting in to your skin!

I hope this blog has been as much fun for you to read, as it was for me to write. As crazy and funny these tricks might sound, they are a huge help when you’re in a hurry – or in my case, a mom! The last tip works great for kids shoes too btw. The reason I wanted to get these all down and over to your guys before Eid is because I know how hectic and tiring Ramzan can be and the preps for Eid – Ul – Fitr can be pretty extensive for a woman too. So every year as I rush to get ready for Eid and get things done, these little knick knacks help me save time and greatly reduce my stress levels. Remember, you can always send me your queries on Facebook or ideas on what else you would like me to cover in my blogs! Until next Monday, have a beautiful last few days and God bless.