Ramzan Mubarak beauties!

I wish you all a pleasant and happy holy month of Ramzan and may Allah bestow all of his choicest blessings on you and your families. This month is all about self control and though some times when you step out of the house, self control is not necessarily what you will see, to focus on yourself is key. The most important thing is to take care of your eating habits. Yes, I know its a very tough task to conquer considering the love that we all have for those yummy fried samosas and kachoris but every time you reach for one think of what it will do to your body and more importantly your skin. One thing that plagues us poor ladies pretty much all our lives is that of acne. Did you know that one of the main type of foods that causes acne is fried food. You would be amazed at the kind of food that causes skin trouble, so we will talk a bit about such foods and then about how you can keep your Ramzan happy and healthy!

So, as I mentioned before one of the foods that is terrible for your skin is fried food. I know we all LOVE the fried food, what can you do it just tastes that good. Then you have to bear the consequences of this demon in forms of acne, bad skin and weight gain too. Not to mention its really bad for your heart, all that oil, which by old age turns into cholesterol and clogged arteries. I am not trying to scare you, but these days I am trying to convince my self and everyone else that we should try and live just a little bit healthy. Here are some other foods that in large amounts can hurt your skin: Dairy, salt and carbs. Common names no? Their most common skin problems are things like acne, blackheads and whiteheads. And these are some foods that are very common on our Sehri and Iftari tables. Today’s blog is going to be about some food replacements or simple things you can do to have healthy and happy Ramzan!

1. Don’t forget your Fiber

You need fiber in the morning which you can find in foods like whole grain breads, beans, fruits and crunchy vegetables. Instead of going for your usual paratha, pick up a bread you enjoy, or even a whole grain or bran bagel if you can get your hands on it. If you can enjoy a ball of oatmeal with some berries or honey, give that a shot too. I know I love myself some oatmeal!

2. Protein, Protein, Protein.

For Sehri especially you definitely want to give yourself some protein, for a day when you aren’t eating and your body in a couple of hours will go into starvation mode, only a protein will keep your metabolism running. Why is that important? Because when your body thinks its starving, it slows down the metabolism to preserve fat, thus the cycle of obesity begins. So if you wanna keep the pounds off this Ramzan, don’t skimp on your egg – just don’t go for a fried egg. Go for 2 boiled eggs instead! or a poached egg if that’s your fancy. Other proteins: Turkey, Yogurt and Tofu.

3. Hydrate

Its the summer! You want to drink the water for Sehr, never skimp out on that. Really all you need is 2 glasses of water before Sehri closes. Eat fruits and veggies that are high in water content, have a cucumber sandwich for breakfast, or a bowl of watermelon. Avoid juices high in preservatives, if you want juice, have a fresh glass of apple juice or carrot & apple mix (my fav!).

4. Opt out of Oil

Even if its not Ramzan, try and get the oil out of your life. There are a ton of healthy alternatives, starting from as simple as Olive oil. I try and make it a habit to cook in Olive Oil when I do, there are some great varieties out there. Then again, Olive oil isn’t the only alternate either. You can make some amazing things simply by steaming them, so instead of samosas, go for steamed dumplings. Baking is healthier too, so instead of deep frying those wings, bake them!

5. Fruits & Vegetables

If you can, fill your entire Ramzan with the blessings that are fruits and vegetables. Not only are these healthier food options, they really help you get through the day at ease. Watermelon for Sehri will help you stay hydrated through the day, try adding mushrooms to an omelete. Or make yourself a baked omelet with all the works! Doctors recommend at least 2 servings of each one at sehri and one at iftaar.

Again, these are very simple things you can do to make your Ramzan healthy, I will also try sharing some sites about healthy eating during Ramzan. Usually people go through Ramzan to gain a couple of pounds and feel just worn out with all the fried foods, eating out and really gorging on sehri and iftaar. What they forget is that this is exactly what we are trying to avoid! So lets try and make this Ramzan happy and healthy for you and I! Till next Monday, have a wonderful week of fasting.