Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

How’s the second week of Ramzan looking ladies? I’m so sorry this blog is late but as I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page, I’ve been travelling for work so just been a little out of the loop. Hope your having happy healthy fasts and looking forward to the wonderful Eid that accompanies this holy month! One of the best things about travelling is the people you get to meet and the things you get to see. Everywhere you go you see people who have their own sense of fashion, their own sense of dressing, make up and style. Even though we all love to follow the ramps and know what is in and what is out, as fashion is evolving there is one trend I see growing pretty much every day. That is the trend to be different, to be unique, to exist with the current fashion but to give it your own twist! And that my friends is something I am always aiming for, you should follow fashion but you should make your own style statements as well.

Among a ton of the queries I get on my Facebook page and my blog, one that I haven’t addressed too much is that of accessories. So today it got me thinking how its time I gave you guys some tips on how to properly accessorize with any and every outfit you can find. Even though it looks and seems plenty difficult, accessorizing is actually not that hard. A lot of the times people ask how and where they can find the right kind of accessories and I am so happy to say that now there are a ton of options all over Pakistan where we can shop for great accessories, even though I have been a big fan of just walking into Dupatta gali or places like Liberty to look for something different, eccentric and cultural even.

1. Look at your outfit

A lot of the times while accessorizing not a lot of people will think to consider their outfits. Since accessories no matter what color, shape or size can pretty much go with anything and everything. But wait, stop, don’t you think considering your outfit might fare you well? For example, recently someone said to me that they couldn’t wear their black heels out to dinner because their outfit was white and I was like, “whaaaaaaa!??”. You absolutely CAN wear black heels with a white dress, just pair the black heels with a pretty black clutch or if you can go for pretty black earrings.

2. Consider your body structure

Another common misconception we all have is that pieces that look good on someone, will look good on us as well. That’s not necessarily true, if your friend with long hair and a chiselled jaw looks good in hoop earrings, its not necessary that you with short hair and a round face will look equally good in hoops too. Always find jewellery especially earrings, rings and neck pieces that accentuate your selling features or take away from weak points. For instance if you do have a round face, you don’t want to go with hoops but instead of something long and dangling. If you have chubby fingers, make sure a ring doesn’t fit you too snug.

3. Stay Relevant

Since I talked about finding cultural accessories this is a valid point, don’t mix a modern sense of style with a cultural sense of accessory. For example, a kolhapuri is now so popular around the world that you can pair it with your jeans or tights but don’t go with a conventional khussa when you’re gonna be out in jeans and a top, unless you’re wearing a kurta with your jeans, in that case go khussa crazy! See what I mean? Keeping it relevant to the times is a key element to consider too, these days it often happens that a fashion statement will make its way to us through time, for instance the flare pants/pallazo’s came back into fashion last year, so did chunky jewellery because they accentuate each other.

4. Balance, Balance, Balance

Balance is important in everything you do, then obviously it is in your accessories too! Never pair chunky earrings with a chunky neck piece. If you are going to go for a big chunky necklace, keep your earrings dainty and simple. If your filling your arms up with a ton of arm candy, go with just one or two rings. A large neck piece and a ton of bracelets/bangles will go well together and similarly chunky or big earrings will go well with a ton of rings. But you have to draw the line somewhere, also when you pair too much together, everything gets lost. So find statement pieces and just go with those!

5. Not everything needs to match!

As I mentioned in #1 – its not necessary if you’re wearing a white outfit that you can’t wear black shoes. In fact, add color to your life, it will instantly pick things up for you. I am one of those crazy ones who likes to mix and match really crazy colors. For instance I am wearing a white outfit, but my sandals are green and coral. Like I said, I LOVE playing with color. You will never see me in one solid color from top to bottom, if I wear a solid black outfit, I will bling it out with either statement Gold or Silver jewellery or go completely crazy with neon/bright colored statement pieces. Ever seen people who coordinate outfits? Yea, matching is never a great thing.

Last but not least, always remember, your biggest most prized accessory is your personality. I meet so many people everyday, even ones who dress impeccably but if you dress well and don’t have a charismatic personality to go with it, well then you’re just a mannequin with a good outfit on, no? The way to make any look complete is the to carry it flawlessly and being able to carry yourself well requires a ton of confidence. So every day do this: wake up, look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself you’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re good and you’re better than what other people think of you because they actually don’t know you at all. Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and learnt a few nifty tips on how to accessorize, now I have to get back to my Workshop, so till next Monday (and I promise not to be late this time) Have a fabulous week and happy fasting!