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5 Makeup Ideas to try this Valentine’s Hola ladies! Love is in the air! Yes, you guessed it right! With Valentine’s around the corner, you might be thinking how to ace that dinner date. Gone are the days when red was the ONLY color to wear in wardrobe or makeup.… Read More

5 Best Moisturizers Makeup Masters Swear By Hi beauties! With clouds of fog kicking in and continuous temp drops, one is bound to layer up. But unfortunately, we can’t layer up our face and (most of the times) hands so the best way to keep them soft and nice is… Read More

Top 10 Jams for December 2016 Rise and shine beauties! How’s your day going? There’s something about December that has always enchanted me. It’s my favorite month of the year and I find myself in a different time zone during this magical time. You know you’re having a good day… Read More

Best Dressed Celebrities at Lux Style Awards 2016 As most of you know that the 15th installment of one of THE most prestigious awards was held on July, 29th, 2016 – the LSAs – so I thought to do a post to remind you guys about those who made some… Read More

Top Movies to Watch in 2016 Hello dearies! How is summer coming along? Before I get down to anything else, I wanna thank all of you for showering me with your love and support. You guys are awesome! So, I have been doing quite a lot of posts on beauty,… Read More

How to kick back & relax for the weekend Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend and are up and at them this Monday. There are some Mondays that can be extremely dreadful, others that are bearable and then sometimes one such Monday rolls around that… Read More

Winter Products I Swear By BrrrRrrr's the word! November is ending and temperatures are dipping so here comes the dryness and dehydration due to lack of proper water intake. This factor not only effects your skin but also your health in general. So today, let's talk about some of my… Read More

Out & About in Lahore Hola Chicas! How is this beautiful November treating you? I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and we started talking about all the places we have been in the world and all the seasons we have experienced come and go in… Read More

Guide To A Thinner Face One of the very common issues that plagues a female all her life is her fluctuating weight. Every day the pressure on us ladies just grows based on how thin the models or actresses continue to get. To begin with ladies, let me tell you… Read More

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