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I love this season. But man the winter itch (so to speak ) doesn't entirely top my favourite list. Yes I'm talking about dry skin.. and in today's blog I'm going to help how to relieve you off it and fast! Now start with remembering and following this: Warm? Absolutely… Read More

    You have a beautiful body but you're conscious of your marks? DON'T BE! Fun fact: almost 80 percent of the women have these marks. I'll tell you, the best thing is to have your focus on having your skin smooth and moisturised, I’m talking sauna and spas and… Read More

While I personally believe that golden shimmery tan looks absolutely stunning, there are no doubt some who absolutely disregard the concept of tanned skin. So be as it may today I would like to discuss the prevention and the removal of sun tanning. Tanning is of course inevitable in the… Read More

Time for Monday Blog! Today I would like to discuss a fairly sensitive topic. Whether or not your skin is sensitive or allergy prone or whatever it is that's going wrong up there, you are very scared to try all those beauty products. Now the secret is to identify the… Read More

A lot of women have issues with having their skin being freckle less. Given it’s a natural thing and while some like them, others don't, I personally think they are beautiful. There are many reasons for their appearance like prolonged exposure to the sun can cause them to surface. I… Read More

Rise and shine everyone, winter is around the corner and we all need a good cleanse to welcome the season. One of the things I find we get left with an abundance of are blackheads, today I will be giving you all the ways to minus these little heads and… Read More

WHITEHEADS. Sick and tired of them? Here’s a brief process of how to rid yourself of them caused by blockages under the skins surface through these instructions you will have them all cleared out. Wash the affected area gently twice a day using a mild cleanser. Washing too frequently, rubbing… Read More

Ramazan is hands down my favourite month of the year. There’s such positive energy, excluding the iftar time which is just … testing! How people behave with their grogginess and impatience… shame! But other than that on a personal level I feel so much calmer and happier. Today I’m going… Read More

I’m sure everyone is tired of those acne pimples popping up every now and then. Here’s the thing, you can either treat them naturally or you can visit a dermatologist depending on the severity of your breakouts. Choose either of them but know this, if you ever as to even… Read More