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Five Quick Fixes for Dry, Scaly Hands Hello beauties! With cold and flu season in full swing, it’s a good idea to wash your hands time and again but the chilly winds and frequent washes take away a lot from your hands than just ‘germs’. Moisture. And beauty. And more.… Read More

5 Makeup Looks for Fall 2016 Howdy chicas! (Almost) gone are the hot days of scorching summer and winds of autumn have already made the nights cooler. September 22nd officially marked the end of summer and fall is about to take over. The transition changes a lot of things; our… Read More

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil Happy Monday folks! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and are geared up for the week. The monsoon has been playing hide and seek lately but one thing that has been constant is humidity. Alright, enough of grumbling about weather, let’s talk about more… Read More

Top 10 Grooming Products for Men Hi guys! How are you doing? Got the Monday blues or back with a revived spirit? Whatever the case is, I hope you slay this week and be at your best. I gotta say that I am extremely humbled by the response you give… Read More

Spring Skincare Tips for All Skin Types Happy Monday girlies! Winters are about to bid us a sweet farewell and the colors of spring are gonna bloom soon. What else needs to keep blooming with the spring is your skin (and others’ love for it) which is why it becomes… Read More

Make Up Staples Hello my beautiful readers! Sun has been kind (or furious if we say) since last week and days are brighter than ever. My urge on such days is to absorb maximum amount of Vitamin D possible because no one likes to take a stroll under the sun… Read More

What's your bedtime beauty routine? Getting up in the morning, whether you like it or not, works out because you have to wake up at some point of the day and head out of the house. This makes morning beauty rituals and routines super easy and well, let's just say… Read More

How To Winter Proof Your Make Up Happy Mid December lovelies! It is officially cold & I for one am super excited because as I have mentioned before, I love the winter! For one because well we all know how cruel the Lahore summer can get and two because I… Read More

Winter Products I Swear By BrrrRrrr's the word! November is ending and temperatures are dipping so here comes the dryness and dehydration due to lack of proper water intake. This factor not only effects your skin but also your health in general. So today, let's talk about some of my… Read More

10 questions with Redah Hi ladies! It’s the first Monday of November and I am feeling fine! Loving the weather & the ease with which we are cruising into winter. I hope you guys are keeping warm and taking good care of your hair and skin considering this is definitely… Read More