Brand Spotlight: Rimmel

Happy Monday Beauties! Hope you are having a wonderful second Ashra of Ramzan and that your eating healthy this holy month! Remember eating healthy means your skin & body will be ready to look fabulous when Eid comes around. It’s time for yet another blog and I thought what better to blog about mid-month and close to Eid than do a “Brand Spotlight”. I started these last month and they were an instant hit with you lovely readers so every month I will try doing either one or two brand spotlights and tell you which 5 products from a particular make up brand are my favorites! Today the brand I will be telling you about is one that you can find most accessibly all over Pakistan, be it any large department store, beauty store or even some popular store chains carry this particular brand, yep you read it in the heading, today we will be talking all about Rimmel.

Quite like Maybelline and L’Oreal which are both mighty popular in USA, Rimmel is an extremely popular European brand with quality products at competitive prices. There are a lot of times when people think that these “drug store” brands as they are known are useless and not worth buying. That is quite a common myth if I could say so myself, one major reason that make up artists encourage the use of and prefer using products from Sephora, MAC or Urban Decay is the fact that yes these brands are the “designer” label of make up and no doubt the BEST at what they do. But I am a firm believer in drug store make up when it comes to daily life, especially during the summer. Rimmel is one such brand, they have some amazing lip sticks, lip gloss, eye shadows, mascaras and most of all, I am a big fan of their foundations/face powders. So here are my top 5 picks for Rimmel:

1. Stay Matte Liquid Foundation/Face Powder

If you follow my blog religiously you know this is one product that keeps popping up again and again when it comes to me talking about face coverage, especially for oily skin. Sometimes even people with dry skin, need a little help during the summer to keep their face from looking super shiny! Well this here is literally a life saver if you have problems with make up sticking, oily skin, or generally need something that will keep the sweat away on a hot summer day. The great thing about the Stay Matte foundation is that it won’t feel like you have a cake of foundation on your face, it acts almost like a light BB cream and keeps the oil on your face saturated. Now I am not saying this is a “perfect” product but I guarantee you that if you have the Stay Matte face powder in your purse (which I do) it will be a life saver touch up during the summer heat!

2. Lasting Finish Lipstick

As far back as I can remember, I have been a Rimmel lip stick fan. I remember in college they had this amazing dewy pink matte lipstick that I used to buy over and over again because A. The colour was beautiful & B. It lasted forever!! So if you’re ever looking for lipstick and don’t want to spend too much time browsing the aisles just walk up to the Rimmel stand and buy any one of their lipstick brands. I mostly have the Lasting Finish lipstick (My favourite Coral these days) or I like their Kate Moss range, they have some beautiful reds there. They come in both glossy and matte looks, but I just prefer their matte lipstick and then top it off with a good gloss.

3. Vinyl Lip Gloss

Although I am not a HUGE fan of their lip gloss, I am still going to go out on a limp and recommend this because I carry it around in my purse for when I might not have any make up on and might need a little priming up. Now the only reason I am not a huge fan, is because their colours are very subtle so if you’re looking for a gloss to give you colour, this is not for you. I on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, love their matte lipsticks and their sheer vinyl lip gloss is just great to give it a glossy finish! The lip gloss might not be packed with colour, but it is definitely packed with shine. Its also great for keeping your lips hydrating because its packed with Shea Butter and Vitamin’s A, C and E.

4. Sexy Curves Intense Black Mascara
So I don’t know if they make them any more but my MOST favourite mascara by Rimmel, was their coloured mascara line. Never had I seen a mascara pack so much colour on my lashes as their coloured mascaras. If you can ever get your hands on one, try their blues, they look gorgeous. Aside from that their Sexy Curves mascara is great for when you’re on the go. Mascaras can be tricky, if you buy a water proof mascara sometimes it just stays gunked on your lashes even after you’ve removed all your make up, this can be very damaging for your eyes. The reason I like this particular mascara by Rimmel is because it lasts you, gives you great curvy plump lashes and it comes off super smooth with any make up remover!

5. Glam Eyes HD Eye Shadow

This is another one that is a whim for me, if you’re looking for a heavy eye look for a special night out this ones not for you. But for anyone who likes to pack on colour during the day, or needs a base shade, or even a touch up shade, their eye shadows are great! I particularly like their smoky eye quad, it doesn’t have a black that goes well with smoky eyes but their grey and silver shades are wonderful for the base and as the arch highlighter. The only set back with this one is, it might not last you long enough. My little trick to make any eye shadow last is to either start with primer, or pack on a white crayon before you apply colour, not only does the colour stick it pops too!

Those are the top 5 products by Rimmel that I recommend you get your hands on, so if you are going to go do some make up shopping for Eid, you could consider these! I also like the occasional nail colour by Rimmel, just that I have noticed that even when they promise to be long lasting, they usually don’t. Now I am not sure if that is Rimmel hazard or being a mommy hazard since I can barely keep my nail polish on/set for an hour, what with running around after a baby and all. Though I am a big fan of their nude nail colours! Hope you enjoyed today’s brand spotlight! Remember, if you have a question or a query you can leave them on the blog, or just inbox me on Facebook! Untill next Monday, happy shopping!