completeWhy is it that when it comes to taking care of our bodies we find one too many ways to combine good nutrition with diet so that the impact on our health is positive and profound BUT when it comes to keeping our hair healthy and looking great, many if not most of us are still missing the boat? In order to have the fabulous hair we’ve always dreamed of, it is necessary to first comprehend what kind of hair we have; that information can help us find the hair care product that best suits our needs so that we can have terrific hair. I believe that using good hair products is an investment! They help us achieve that luxurious look that every woman craves to get!

Start by knowing your hair type. Do you have thick hair? Fine hair? Curly hair? Straight hair? Oily hair? Dry hair? Short hair? Long hair? You absolutely DEFINITELY MUST first identify and define your hair type and texture before you start treating it properly. Don’t go for all those thousands of hair-care products in the market; we have been there done that and we guarantee brands like Label.M and L’Oreal will not only make your hair look gorgeous but would also focus heavily on damage control. You have to stay true to your hair; sifting through hair products means first eliminating those that will not work. As a woman, we have a disposition to try every product that we have the ability to get our hands on to make sure that we are utilising only the best. From time to time we will even buy certain things that are not actually required. Instead, we should thin down our hair products and buy merely the things that are needed and that we want. You keep trying them one by one and in the meantime it’s your hair that’s really suffering. Buying a gel that hardly does any good if it has high alcohol content and if you already happen to have dry hair! Look for products that work with your hair rather than against it.

For instance, right in our local drugstores, you will undoubtedly find a serum or a hair-care product to treat frizzy hair right out of the shower; a thickening shampoo to treat thinning hair; and conditioner for every condition of hair and you SHOULD use it. But aside from acting as a first line of response for hair-care treatment, a hair-care product should make your hair look great. From gels and mousse, to relaxers and curl enhancers; everything you may have ever wanted to do to your hair can be achieved with the use of one or several products available in the market today.

A brief list of the hair-care products you should own are following:

Shampoo and Conditioner:
This is an evident must have for any woman who requires to keep her hair polished and clean daily. Always give preference to a professional product (ones that are only available in salons) over a commercial product (ones that are available in the market). Choose a product that is specific to your condition; deep cleansing for oily hair, intensive repair for dry or treated hair, moisturising for dry and frizzy hair etc. Always remember to not skip out on the conditioner, it is equally important as a shampoo in making your hair stronger and protecting it from wear-and- tear.

Heat Protective Products:
It is of utmost importance to protect your hair from the heat of a hair dryer, straightening iron, tong, heated rollers and the sun. Did you know you lose 60% of your hair natural moisture every time you style it with heat? It is important to retain this moisture and for that a heat protective product like a serum or spray is necessary. This protects your hair from over drying and damage.

Styling Products:
Hair gels, mousse, volume enhancers, texturising clays, hair sprays etc. are all very different hair products. These products help to sculpt the hair to accomplish the preferred look and make whatever style you choose last longer! For curls, always apply mousse or curl creams to give the curls definition and also not flatten or fall straight after a few hours. For a simple everyday blow dry, pony, bun or messy up-do always use a volume enhancer to give that extra oomph, for short hair use texturing products to enhance the style and use hairspray to hold things in place.

Treatment Products:
Just like you get a facial once a month to treat your skin; your hair needs one too! Invest in masks, oils and deep cleansing moisturisers to treat your hair once a week. The intensive mask by Label.M or Power Dose Hair Treatment by L’Oreal is a God sent.

Apart from this you can always opt for some professional advice from us at Depilex or any other high-end salons and in some cases, the hair stylist may recommend you to use a specific product in order to correct some damage or enhance a particular style. Sure good hair products can be pricey but that being said, if the product makes a difference and helps you love your hair, it’s worth every penny! Once you find the perfect hair-care products for your hair and lifestyle use it consistently. You will soon find that you have finally gotten the hair you’ve always wanted.

Good luck girls!

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute