Brand Spotlight: L’Oreal

Whats up ladies? I am back yet again with another exciting Monday blog and yes this is one I am super excited about. A week or so back I did my first every “Brand Spotlight” where I gave you insight into some of the amazing products to buy from some famous brands we all know & love. I am really happy to say the brand spotlight blog was a *big hit* & a ton of you wrote back to say I should do more of these, so I will be doing two brand spotlights a month, which means this is my second & last one for the month of May. To all the ladies who read my blog & went shopping, thank you for your love & trust, hope you are loving your products!

Last time I spotlighted Maybelline, today I will be covering you guys have asked for L’Oreal; now this is a tough one because drug store make up brands can be tricky, like I mentioned earlier, they might be great brands but some products are a total hit or a total miss. L’Oreal is one such really tricky brand, some products they get really well, whereas others for me just don’t work. I will say that beauty products L’Oreal knows, they have some of the best face washes, hair color & make up removers! Now here are the 5 products of L’Oreal that I am recommending today:

1. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Now here is my MOST favorite L’Oreal product ever! Although when looking for a dramatic, false lash effect I would’ve earlier suggested that you rely on a high-fi designer label mascara, L’Oreal took care of this dilemma when they introduced this Mascara to the market. L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara is simply amazing – it will give you a dramatic false lash effect without any clumping or flaking. I also love the brush, which isn’t awkwardly oversized like the ones you see with other volume-building mascaras, it looks like a regular mascara brush but glides on to give you fuller, longer, healthier looking lashes. This is great for every day use & when I don’t wanna go to the trouble of grabbing my Dior on a fancy eve out, I just go for this one instead. It is the love.

2. L’Oreal’s Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a huge fan of lip stains & I feel everyone should be. I mean why not, stains are some of the longest lasting lip colors out there & the best part is drug store make up brands do a great job with these. This is another fave & what’s great is that it is a glossy lip stain instead of one that is matte.

3. HiP Metallic Duos
These are some of the best eyeshadows I have ever tried. The fun part is you can use them as the metallic shadows that they are or you can mix them with similar colors to give them a mattefying look. One thing that I especially like about these is the fact that they are long lasting and won’t fade away even in Pakistan’s heat, helping your eye look to last longer! The tiniest but definitely a plus is that its a “Duo”, so you get two great colors in one!

4. True Match Concealer
We all know how hard it is to find the right kind of concealer. Here’s what’s good about this one. To begin with I want to talk about L’Oreal’s True Match line, this came out in an attempt to help create various shades of foundation and powder considering that there aren’t just 4 skin tones in the world. True match was designed to match a variety of Skin tones therefore its easier to find a shade that matches yours! One of the best concealers in the market, if you can find a shade that matches you, I guarantee you will love this one!

5. Infallible Super Slim Black Eye Liner
I don’t know if you guys are fans of liquid liner, I know I am! For a day time soft eye look I prefer Kajal, but nothing says a night out, a wedding or a dramatic look quite like a liquid liner. One: Its easier to use, Two: It lasts longer! This one lasts 12 hours to be exact and yes it truly does! So ladies if you LOVE a great black eye liner, this one is definitely for you!

Thank you so much ladies for appreciating something new that I was trying and for enjoying my Brand Spotlight blog. I hope this one was as useful as the last one and that you enjoyed it thoroughly. I encourage my readers to always leave me feedback, so if you go out and buy any of the products I’ve suggested do swing by my Facebook page or my Website and let me know what you thought! If you would like me to blog about something in particular don’t forget to leave me a message. Till next Monday, have a fantastic week!