My New Year Resolve

I know this coming a bit late but oh well better late than never. Every year I pump myself up for some new year’s resolution and like my friends and colleagues around me who do the same, the fire dies down come. Come March the New Year’s fever dies down and all promises of a resolution are forgotten. From losing weight to travelling some place new to save money- I have broken pretty much every New Year resolution as far back as I can remember.
So here’s what I’ve decided…I am promising myself a practical and achievable target; a monthly resolution! It’s less pressure and hey even if I do half of the following id deem this year a successful one. Here goes:

1. I promise to drink 8 glasses of water in a day

2. I promise to exercise

I gained a total of 15kg when my daughter Zoay was born in August 2013, it’s been a year and half and there really is no excuse to not have lost this pregnancy weight by now. Everyone’s bodies are different and it’s unfair to compare yourself to that one person you know came out if delivery with a flatter tummy than before she had a baby. I promise myself to exercise one hour everyday whether it’s going for a walk around my garden, joining a gym, jogging around the block with my daughter in her push chair or following some video program; I will commit that one hour to working out however I can.

3. I promise to take my multi vitamins

Vitamin stores kind of scare me,I go in and come out having spent a little fortune on vitamin bottles that sit and collect dust on my bedside table for months. To start off with I will take a multi vitamin specific to my hair, skin and nails like Perfectil or biotin for hair and ill keep these in my bag so I don’t forget to take them.

4. I promise to take care of my body as much as I do my face

Where I have a solid skincare regiment that I follow two times a day for my face and neck, I always become lazy when it comes to the rest of my body. So I have decided to scrub my body every time I exfoliate my skin which is once a week and moisture every day. We all know it takes two minutes

5. I promise to find positivity in everything negative
I promise myself that I will stay positive and whenever I am faced with a problem to be proactive, to find a solution and sort it out. No matter what happens I will not sulk and stress myself or others around me but accept whatever challenge I face and move on.

So here’s mine…whats yours?