Redah Misbah finished her studies abroad in 2008 from the London School of Fashion. Her professional degree ranges from the knowledge of cosmetic science to cosmetology. She attained professional degrees in hair and cosmetology from renowned and respected institutes such as Vidal Sassoon and Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where she graduated with honours. Redah had the privilege of representing Ray Cochrane Beauty School at the CIDESCO convention in Greece, 2006. She also acquired a professional diploma in special effects makeup from Joe Blasco in Orlando, Florida. While focusing on her education, Redah had the opportunity to intern at London’s prestigious and world known fashion centre, Harrods as a junior stylist.

From a very young age Redah knew she would have to one day take the reins of her mother’s Beauty Empire. With her professional educational background in beauty and cosmetology, and with an excellent eye for quality and style, Redah has now taken up the role as director and head creative stylist at Depilex. Since her return from London, Redah has orchestrated many artistic bridal and fashion shoots that have been featured in Pakistan’s top beauty and fashion magazine. At only the age of 20 Redah Misbah had achieved exceptionally more than her peers in the industry.

Just like her mother, Redah Misbah has a great vision and perspective for Depilex. Her international experience in the beauty industry will be incorporated in all aspects of the business, her fresh, more modern views and visionary ideas will lead Depilex to a new era. Redah strives to take Depilex to new levels with innovative management and techniques to maintain its standing in Pakistan and increase its international presence.