Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Whats up ladies? Last week I started a two part series of what you should do to take care of your skin & hair during the monsoon season. Which as you all know is heavily upon us causing some very nappy, frizzy and just generally blah hair for some of us gals! Its been quite weird to be honest, you wake up to an overcast and heavy rains but by the time its close to the afternoon and the clock strikes 2:00pm the sun is out in all its glory and it is just plain humid outside. This season really takes its toll on our skin and hair. Last week I gave you a few tips on how to care for your skin during the rain, today its our oh so beloved head of hairs turn!

For all you curlies out there, I know its one of the “craziest” times of the year, you wash your hair it seems all tamed and bam humidity hits and all of a sudden you have an afro that crosses with the electric shock hair. I feel for you. What you can do is try and take a little more care of your tresses during this horrid time and pray for the rains to pass soon, unless of course you love the rain which I know we all do. Nonetheless I hope that my blogs help you in some way or the other. Following are some things you can do to care for your hair!

Shampoo Decisions

To begin with always remember it doesn’t hurt to variate your shampoo as the season changes. You might notice that one brand/type that work for you during the winter, might not work for you during the summer and so forth. So my first tip of course is try and use a different and milder shampoo during the monsoon season. Whether you have dandruff or hair fall or just simply a head full of oily hair, this one can be tricky. During the monsoon the humidity causes some sort of glump to form in your hair so washing your hair daily or more often might not be a bad idea, if your hair is oily, go for it every day. Especially if you’re out in the rain.

Conditioner is Vital

If you have dry or curly hair you have got to remember to condition everyday. The weather is crazy enough to make you go oily and dry you out in no time. Choose a good rinse out conditioner or go for a leave in – but definitely go for one.

Dry Hair

The ratio between how much hair you lose during the monsoon and otherwise is pretty crazy. If you might lose 60-70 strands a month normally in the monsoon it can be as high as 200. So make sure when you get out the shower you dry your hair because leaving your hair wet gets them more prone to breakage. Leaving your hair wet in the monsoon might cause other scalp problems as well.

Watch what you eat

I think this one is so important for your skin, hair, body and general health we should just make this the golden rule of self care. Always watch what you eat, especially during the monsoon. Another reason for this is the unhygienic conditions that come with this season. There are more insects, more bacteria, everything is wet and sticky so there are more digestive problems. You might not hear it enough but digestive problems are a great cause for bad skin and hair trouble as well. Things that are good for your hair are proteins, dark green veggies, eggs, nuts, low fat dairy products and whole grains. This can include drinking plenty of water!

Those are some major things you can do to care for your hair but there are everyday simple things that you can do that will help as well, some quickies are:
– Don’t tie your hair when its wet.
– Always towel dry your hair
– Oil your hair at least once a weak.
– Try and keep your hair short.

There are several other home remedies you can try to care for your hair during the monsoon. Several at home masks you could use for conditioning or a regular routine to make sure your hair is getting all the pampering it demands. And all of us ladies know how truly demanding our tresses can be. I hope this blog helps you better care for your hair this monsoon! Until next week – take care and have a fabulous week!