7 Habits Every Woman Needs to Follow for Healthier Hair

Hola ladies!
The monsoon season brings joy, some dreamy evenings and cooler nights. You know what else it brings? Bad, out of proportion and nasty hair that aptly showcase the aftermath of increased levels of humidity. Healthy hair are one of the most evident signs of beauty and can easily cast their spell on any spectator – that is why women with shinier, thicker and healthier hair are considered to be more appealing.

If you’re the victim of not so promising hair then don’t worry; you’re not alone. 3 out of 5 women have been reported to have hair problems. Hair fall, split ends, dull hair, oily hair – there are a number of such issues that can easily be counted on finger tips but can surely be dealt with. Yes, the route to healthier and beautiful hair might be long and bumpy but it surely leads to the destination. If you’ve some healthy hair habits under your belt, you’re set for smooth sailing. So what are those habits? Let’s explore them one by one.

Make Protein Your Partner
A protein rich diet for healthy hair? Hell yeah! Those dudes pumping up in the gym aren’t the only ones who need to be meticulous with their protein intake; girls who want more volume, length and shine need to pay special attention to what they are eating. I mean, healthy eating is the key to everything good – enough said. Forget about junk food, replace your evening snack with a small bowl of yogurt, eat right and let it all work for your strands. Find the right sources of protein for your daily intake smoothly work your way up to the hair you always dream of having.

Oiling and Deep Conditioning

Having a hair care routine is imperative for beautiful hair. Those celebrities you get awestruck by spend a reasonable time looking after their hair. Continuous washes and dirt dries up our hair and that’s where oiling comes handy. Gone are the days when you had to apply oil overnight in order to have beautiful hair. Science has proved that oiling your hair twice or thrice a week for a few hours is enough to keep the hair and scalp healthy. Girls with frizzy and dry hair MUST do deep conditioning once a week to provide their scalp with the required moisture.

Sleep on Silk
Do you wake up with messed up, tangled hair? Time to wake up, for real! Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep fixes everything our body endures including the hair. I have mentioned how sleeping on a pillow with silk pillowcase gives you better skin; well it works equally brilliant for hair. The smooth texture of silk doesn’t disturb the hair cuticles and less friction entails fewer frizzy strands in the morning. Bid farewell to your cotton sheets and invest in plushy silk pillowcases in case you wanna give your mates some real hair goals.

Go Natural

Alright, you might love straightening your strands to keep your flick on point or you feel like curling them up because you’re in a good mood but this isn’t very promising. Hot tools including the dryer gradually damage your hair – try to be as natural as possible with your hair. Let them air dry. Don’t tie ‘em up too tightly. Avoid heat tools as much as you can. I mean you can try a different style once in a while but “making up” your hair everyday is equivalent to killing them. Go easy with the products. Let them breathe and heal. Remember, natural is sexy.

Be Regular with Your Haircuts

Let’s talk about it. You don’t have to get a haircut when your cousin is getting married or when you want a drastic change in your look. Be regular with your haircuts and you’ll see the results yourself. Our hair tend to lose their life as they grow and that’s where split ends start spurting out. To keep them in check, make regular appointments to your stylist. This way, you’ll not only be able to maintain your hair better but also the overall health of your hair will be improved.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair
You can put as many products on your hair as you want but if your scalp is not at ease, it won’t help. Keep a close check on your scalp health. If it itches and a common drugstore shampoo isn’t making it better then don’t ignore it. Consult a specialist for an expert advice. Chronic itching can be due to a lot of reasons and it can traumatize your hair so it’s better to look for a reliable fix than trying ghar ke totkay. A good hair care routine is necessary to keep your scalp clean, healthy and ‘fertile’.

Treat Them Nicely
Lastly, do every bit to make your hair look and feel better. Don’t expose them to the hot sun. Avoid scalding hot showers as they tend to weaken the roots. Don’t be that girl who brushes her hair hundred times a day. Keep your hands out of your hair – don’t twist them (even when you’re lost in your deep thoughts). Switch your hair care regime according to seasons which calls for a change in oils and shampoo as well. Go an extra mile for your hair and make ‘em feel good because, actually, healthy hair, don’t care!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I am so glad and grateful that you guys get back to me with your opinions and suggestions. Those of you, who need a hint, hit me up with your questions and feedback on my official Facebook page, The Redah Misbah Factor. Until next time.

Love, Redah.