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Superfoods to Get You Going During Ramzan Hey guys! How’s Ramzan coming along? For some people, it might be the time when they don’t have professional engagements at all and for some, it’s the normal work life (with reduced work hours). It often gets tricky to divide your meals between… Read More

Multivitamin 101: Everything You Need to Know & Remember Hi guys! Consumption of multivitamins to compensate your daily nutritional deficiencies is a thing now. I have a lot of friends who are used to taking them on daily basis. It wasn’t until recent times that the use of multivitamins on… Read More

Fifteen Minute Workout to Get You Closer to Your #SummerBod Goals Hi guys! If you dream to have a toned body, ditch those extra pounds, shred that nasty fat or just stay active but battle with a busy schedule and dreadful workout routines; trust me, you’re not alone. Who doesn’t… Read More

Summer Skin Guide: How to Keep It Healthy & Hydrated Hola ladies, Looking sultry when the sweltering sun is giving you a tough time is surely not easy. Our skin becomes the prime victim of extreme temps and heat wave. The result? Tanned, dull and dehydrated skin which no one… Read More

Beauty Bucket List: Five Summer Best Buys from Masarrat Misbah Signature Makeup Sup girls? Just when you think that your makeup staples are flooding and you don’t need anything else than some basics, a new beauty product hits the market and you can’t help but buy it; sounds familiar? Well,… Read More

Top Runway-Inspired Summer Makeup Trends Blazing on Instagram Right Now Hi beauties! Every season, we see cute, outrageous, simple and bold makeup trends born on international and national runways. Makeup trends on Instagram, however, are born every day. Remember those horoscope-inspired makeup looks? Who can forget those totally badass brow… Read More

Five Homemade Face Packs for Summertime Skincare Routine Hey guys, Our skin mirrors what we drink, eat, apply and do on daily basis. These aside, harsher sun, hotter winds and extreme temperature shifts can induce multiple skin problems during summer. As much as I emphasize on taking extra care of… Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Microblading Hi ladies, The world of cosmetic surgery has come a long way. Every now and then, a new invention (or should I say, obsession?) takes everyone by storm and you think about the unimaginable possibilities this magical field has to offer. Lately, I… Read More

5 Best Body Washes for a Nourishing Shower Hi everyone! With the temperature gradually rising up, you must get an urge to take a shower more often than ever! (don’t know about you guys, but I do). Let’s admit it, a nice shower is not only a bliss but also… Read More

Eight Winter-to-Spring Transitional Pieces Every Style Buff Needs to Have Hi gals, One time, it’s the bright sunny morning (which turns into a rather hot noon) and the other time, it’s the cold night. At times the sun would remind you of the scorching summer and at times you’d want… Read More